A Stretched Agenda, Strong Hart and Chinese Scouse!

The VEWG (Vehicle and Equipment Working Group) met on the 30th July with an agenda as long as a Mercedes-Benz Ambulance. Size, in agendas as in other areas of life, shouldn’t matter: it is what you do with it that counts!

A & E Support need support!

What are we to do with our A&E Support staff? The Union has been talking to our A&E Support members regarding the way that they are treated, and the lack of opportunities for progress within the Service. We have heard a lot of complaints.

Difficult Times, Difficult Decisions

As you can imagine the LAS UNISON Branch and I get emails and reports from representatives on a daily basis raising concerns and issues from members.  That is our job.  Working within the LAS can be difficult at times and not everything goes to plan (I know a lot of…

Building Opposition and Blanket Coverage.

The Coalition Government has produced its White Paper on the future of the Health Service: Equity and Excellence: Liberating the NHS.

PTS Contracts, Anything But Tender!

I wish I could start this first Eric’s Blog on a happy light-hearted note, but we are going through difficult times and what the future may hold is no laughing matter either.

Branch Secretary To Publish Union Blog.

Branch Secretary Eric Roberts is to publish a regular Union Blog. This is in response to constructive suggestions made at the AGM in March and members emails.